Thanksgiving, 2019!!

Thanksgiving happens to be one of my favorite holidays of all time because it brings families together, in unity, for one purpose; and that’s to give thanks, along while enjoying a fabulous spread  with one another. Days before, I like to brine my turkey until the day before Thanksgiving. This adds flavor, as well as tenderizes the entire carcass. After the brining process, I rinse the brine liquid off the turkey, dry with a paper towel and marinade the turkey for the next day. I love marinades!

Normally, I like to design my table with more accent colors and add silverware directly to the table, but for this dinner, I wanted to be simple, yet elegant. A clean, white linen cloth with all white serving plates and bowls, goes a long way. I also didn’t cook as much food for this year, due to a smaller quantity of guests. If you would like some help decorating your table for your upcoming holidays, contact us!!! I’m here to help!!

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